Since 1982, we have been the Chicagoland pioneers of instant event photography.

We bring our full equipment setup to your site so there's no need for off-site printing, ordering and waiting. A typical team would consist of one photographer and one printer. Once the photographed portion of your event is over, we begin printing your images within 5 minutes, and can have a set of 50 unique photos printed, framed and ready for sale within 10 minutes.

We can print anything from 2”x 3” wallet size to 39” wide panoramic shots, print immediately right at your event.

We have an inventory of 25 high-quality Mitsubishi printers, capable of printing a 5”x 7” photo every 10 seconds. We can print panoramic images up to 39” wide at your event.




Images are captured by our team of expert photographers.

Photos are immediately downloaded and are printing within minutes. 

Framed prints are then available at the event. We can have 300 framed prints out and available within 30 minutes.


The best part is, we’re usually free.

Because we earn our income directly from the sales of photos, we usually can send out a 2-person team for free. Of course we can provide additional staff and photographers, depending on the size of the event and your individual needs. Our teams can support up to 6 printers at one time, printing a whopping 50 images per minute. This can be helpful in larger settings like high school or college graduations.

Customized graphics create a memorable keepsake and make a great photo even better.


Check out a selection of our work below: